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Why hello there, I'm Medusa. Welcome to my humble bio. I'm quite awkward, so... just bear with me. I'd make a terrible pun, but I can't find an opportunity.
My special talents are dad dancing and apparently being a mother of two (my friends).
I like singing and acting too, though.
Have a nice day! (Or even night! If it is, get some sleep!... That's hypocritical of me, considering it's currently 00:01...)


Book of Mormon
Something Rotten
(There are lots of other musicals, but there are possibly too many to write down)
Christian Borle ; )
Actually just the entire cast of Falsettos
This list is getting too long, so I'm gonna stop there.


MY (sort of) FRIENDS ON SC:
I put sort of because I'm not best buddy chum pals with these people, I just enjoy talking to them. Also, if you're not on here, I'm really sorry.

KingSillySmilez just a generally awesome person
8-Bit Hero awesome pixel artist and hosts massive streams

Yeah, I don't have many friends.

How well do you know me? Or even how good are you at guessing stuff? -

🎶rubber ducky, you're the one! You make bath time lots of fun! Rubber ducky, I'm awfully fond of you🎶

If you were happy every day of your life, you wouldn't be human. You'd be a gameshow host.
- Winona Ryder
(I mean, it's from a movie, so does that count as a Winona Ryder quote? I dunno.)

Woah, my first fanart -http://app.sketchclub.com/sketch/10922789
Thanks, Melone!

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