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I'm just gonna sum myself up in a paragraph.

"That emo artist kid at school who as friends but not a lot. I'm lucky to have amazing friends here. This child is also emotionally unstable and extermly sensitive. Bully her and she's gonna fall apart. I am also bi and I had a girl friend on here that I loved very much. She has sadly left and all I wish is for her to come back."

Ok a little longer then a paragraph--



(No links bc I just don't wanna these are there usernames tho.)

Animity- BOI. GO FAN THIS PERSON. His art is amazing and a lot of people look up to his art!! We found out that we barley have any differences and this guys my online twin. "HEY IM MITY-- BUY THIS MAGI SWORD FOR ONLY MEME.99!!"

8-bit hero- Have you not heard of this insane kid who's amazing at pixels? He's fabulous man. Keep up the good work!! "ITS A SACHEL!!"

Trumoo- The best chocolate milk. This guys got an amazing humor and his arts just awesome boi. Like. What-- "I am the best milk"

Uncle Rin- Best humor ever. Rins got tha best jokes ever. Also this guy is everyojes uncle. I don't know how it works :3 "Twenty øne pilots"

Aqua Arts: This child has helped me out so much. I think she's an amazing person. Like boi.

~ Puddle ~ -Her art is really chibi and cute!! She's also a really nice person!!

Tawny Leaf- YAYAYAY-- Tawny is my best friends sc mom. We're really good friends and she's super funny and nice!! Her art is amazing, I don't know HOW she dose it!!

M a r y (gone?) - This is Mads.. she left sc sadly but I will always remember her. All I want is for her to come back. She is amazing. Her art was amazing. Her spirt and heart where beautiful. I don't know where I would be without her.

🌙 Crescent Moon 🌙 - This girls amazing. Her arts really cute and I find her really funny and kind. She's really energetic to, inner she bounces off walls--

SomeTrashCan: Brand new friend!! Yay!! She's really nice and kind and just ah-- she's a cinnamon roll--

⭐️Rempli De Jasmin💕 - She's also a new friend! She goes by Jasmine! She's really sweet and kind! I just met her, I met her on July 16th 2017. She loves Hamilton, warrior cats, and more!!


More will be added later!! Thank you EVERYONE who has helped me!! (I ran out of quotes at the end--)

Everyone has helped me so much.

And I just can't thank everyone enough..

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