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welcome to cringe. population: 41.

hey before you read this you should go fan and NikkiOfTheLamePeople and [ solaris ] and jordanii because they're all awESOME

likes: drawing, getting sleep, fairy lights, memes, be more chill, hamilton, aesthetics, scary movies, thomas sanders, youtube, music, dogs, birds, tic tacs

dislikes: any sort of slur/hating, yelling, the ocean

oc's: jamie, gerard, jarred, keira, lavender, dead, orchid, scribble, timmy, bo, kiki, fiasco, jason(or jerm), panic, chrissy(or christine), maiccky and royal

personas: destiny and starry

if you wanted to talk to me, or maybe even rp, just shoot me a message. i'll try to reply asap.

have a nice day

i might have a crush on you by tinyglowing-dinosaur 1   10   1 March 14, 2018
first you take her by the hand- by tinyglowing-dinosaur 1   8   7 March 17, 2018
look at my son!,!!!! by tinyglowing-dinosaur 8   10 March 11, 2018
perfect by tinyglowing-dinosaur 7   5 March 9, 2018
bee! by tinyglowing-dinosaur 7   4 March 25, 2018
too many space jeremys by tinyglowing-dinosaur 1   5   1 April 15, 2018
freckles by tinyglowing-dinosaur 6   1 March 15, 2018

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