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Hey There hot stuff👋🏽.


Cool stuff:
DTA'S: None atm

Cool peeps:


Momochi (Also known as Taterwolf) She is so amazing, and adorable! She has an amazing personality.

teabuses So cool :0 Her art is amazing and I'm super Jelly


~~Moved Accounts~ Friggen, the best boii in the world. They're seriously amazing and my fav wakadoo

Introducing...the meme master themself... Canadian Turtle!! She is so funny and awesome to be around. Been friends for a long time. 🐸🐸

Pammeh The homie I'm closest with. She's allways there for me, and im allways there for her. She is legitimately one of the dankest people I know.

kawaiiturtle She was my first ever friend on SC and she brought the homies together.

Last, but not least 💕MoekoIsNoLongerRIP💕, known for her sassy leg hair flips, and addiction to cheese, Meoko has been gone for a while... We all miss Senpai.


Squibbles_Salamander She is super cool and spoopy, yes she is an awkward noodle but she is the best awkward noodle. She's an amazing artist so I say you should check her out


..::SandPaper::.. Is sooo nice and he is rlly sweet, we make a lot of overwatch jokes and jokes about pickles that no one would understand I got to meet him irl and omg his freckles nearly killed me. He's also a sick pianist ;0

||Hope || She || Scorpio||

If Party Panda is to long you can call me:


It's very cold outside.

Im sorry. I'm so inactive.

Boba Girl! (Redraw) by 🎉🐼Party Panda🐼🎉 1   27   1 Nov. 16, 2017
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AT trade w/ Taterwolf by 🎉🐼Party Panda🐼🎉 1   19   3 Oct. 6, 2017
fall by 🎉🐼Party Panda🐼🎉 23   4 Oct. 2, 2017
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aMAZING by 🎉🐼Party Panda🐼🎉 9   2 Aug. 10, 2017
AT w/ Mako by 🎉🐼Party Panda🐼🎉 23   4 July 19, 2017

Bobba Tea by 🎉🐼Party Panda🐼🎉 2   55   7 June 14, 2017
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Boba Girl! (Redraw) by 🎉🐼Party Panda🐼🎉 1   27   1 Nov. 16, 2017
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Co-Op with Mity! by 🎉🐼Party Panda🐼🎉 1   22   2 July 18, 2017
AT w/ Mako by 🎉🐼Party Panda🐼🎉 23   4 July 19, 2017
fall by 🎉🐼Party Panda🐼🎉 23   4 Oct. 2, 2017

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