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Don't worry loves! The cavalries 'ere!

I am feeling peer pressured to draw something Halloween themed

Fan art is always welcome and highly appreciated :3

Credit to 👻🍭🎃TamsyTam🎃🍭👻 for drawing well in my avatar XP


Please that need more attention in this world~

Irl friend

Warrior cat best bud

She is an AMAZING drawer!

She is so nice and her art is amazing, you must fan her!

Their art is amazing. They are one of my inspirations :3



Echo (My fursona) - http://app.sketchclub.com/sketch/10853990

Popcorn -

Rose -

Honey -

Echolight -
My warrior cats oc

Moonlight -

Willow -

Evening - http://app.sketchclub.com/sketch/10854147
My dragon oc

Seth -

Mist -

Mint -

Ink -

Azazel -
My mentally disabled 'devil'

Plush - http://app.sketchclub.com/sketch/10853594
My oc that lives in a zombie apocalypse


I like these~

Akame ga kill
Seven deadly sins
Asssassination classroom
Little witch Academia

Regular show
Adventure time
World's craziest fools
Vampire diaries
Pretty Little Liars

Cats :3
Dogs :3
Wonder Woman
Warrior cats
Blood of Eden
Motorbike riding

Ok I should stop


Quotes (idea inspired by TamsyTam)~

"Now we just have to walk down this deep, dark hallway ... VICTORIA GO TO SLEEP *screams*" - my bffs and I at a sleepover

"I am deeply offended. Deeply ... deeply ... deeply" Elysse being herself

"Stop it you hobo" Me working with a guy last year (don't ask)

"Absolute Savagery" Rylan

"*jumps off building in mine craft. Leg breaking sound happens* I don't even feel the pain" Me and Skyla playing ctf

"No one will be there! We're movin' to Oakey!" Best line of the junior play at my school

"Squeak squeak squeak" my mum and I playing a board game

"I am calm and collected... THAT AREA IS OUT OF BOUNDS GO AWAY" Me raging whilst playing dominos



10 fans ✔️ (Tysm!)

20 fans ✔️ (Thank you!)

30 fans ✔️ (What. How.)

40 fans X

50 fans X (Never gonna happen)

Get featured X

Have friends ;-; X (I do appreciate everyone though!)

Sorry if I don't post often. I'm having a rough time with school and friends atm... so yeah

I don't know what else to say so goodbye for now! Thanks for checking out my profile!

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