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I'm an American training artist, who goes by the name 'Jasmine' online. With my slight hints of French, my name means to Americans "Filled with Jasmine" or in Japanese, "ジャスミンで満たされた"
(Please excuse my google translate. :') )

I accept all advice on middle school, it would be a blessing.
Srsly tell me everything-

Oh yeah im Eleven hope that doesnt bother you :'>

Please note: I am not the best educated artist, so I do not know everything about art. Critical advice is accepted sometimes, at the time it isnt.

If I am cruel with my humor, always expect me to apologize. I do not want in any way for you to be offended or hurt.

I like to draw animals and humans, as well as comics. Is that bad?

I have not met many people on here, so if you would like to talk about anything, just ask. I am here for any of you.
Besides drama, I wanna avoid that.

Does anyone here like reading warrior cats? Jayfeather and squirrelflight are two of my favorite characters in the books.

Who needs love interests when you have Lin-Manuel Miranda-

What do I like, you ask? HERE YA GO

Aladdin was the best Disney movie Disney ever made 🙌
My favorite Tv show is probably like..... ESCAPE THE NIGHT- wait thats on youtube red-
If you have watched escape the night, you would know how I feel. You have my soul, amie.
My favorite musical/s is probably a mix between Dear Evan Hansen, In the heights, and Heathers. Hamilton gets a little to much love, but its still pretty good. I dont like musicals more then my normal music, but there okay.👍
My favorite singer is either Ed Sheeran or Shawn Mendez. Castle on the hill and Life of the party are the best. 💓

My accounts kinda new, sorry if thats bothering you. I did have a previous account, but never more then one. So, if your assuming im someone else (which im fine with you assuming but, it makes me feel unoriginal) im really not, unless you got my account right.

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