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Weird 14 year old girl child who is crap at life and everything

Art, creepypasta and fnaf is lifu ;3;

Self taught! I’ve never gone to art classes, but I hate them tbh >_>

I draw for hours on end, usually around idk, 6-7 hours, or maybe more depending on how late I stay up each day lol

I’m starting a new book thingy on Wattpad! It’s called: ~ F**k off. Love, Erin & Georgia ~ but ya know, minus the stars.

I lovvvvve horror 🤤

Speaking of things I love, I love writing. I have way too many stories going right now but I love them all!

Video games are my bae, I loose track of time playing them, they’re so fun. And that satisfaction when you beat something that’s been taking forever is amazzzzzing 🤤 if you ever want to play a game with me, feel free to ask!

Making me cry might as well be an impossible task tbh

I’ve got this far doing nothing and being a douche, so remember kids you don’t have to be nice to be successful 😈

I’ll say whatever I want, don’t even try to stop me 😋

I love myself; good luck changing my mind.

My favourite colour is probably crimson red leedle

>Hey! Stop lying about having mental illnesses. I know you don’t. It’s serious, not a game.<

Meh quiz >>> http://www.quizyourfriends.com/take-quiz.php?id=1806102016308972&lnk&

Just because I’m not smiling, doesn’t mean I’m not happy.

Join this co - op please! I need like, idk 15 more people lol >>>http://app.sketchclub.com/sketch/5913569252868096

My drawings ‘Request 3: Marionette x Goldie’, ’srsly’, ‘Sal’, ‘respekt wahmen’, ‘uh Foxy?’, ‘The Three Proxies’, ‘uh- RUN!’ and ‘mangle no’
have been featured on amino! I’m so happy X3

Might as well be my theme songs: Run This Town And S.L.U.T.

varför gick du igenom problemet med att översätta detta

салам! Эле, деп досторума мазактоого тандады келген! Жакшылап деп четине ойлонуп кыйып, жок!

ડાંગ! મીઠું વાસ્તવિક છે!

Currently learning Swedish! Jag älskar hundar!

Jag älskar er alla! Förutom en person vet du vem du är.

HUUUUUGE Yuri fan 😍 (girl x girl, not any people named Yuri lol) if you’re curious about my thoughts on Yaoi, I honestly don’t like it that much. Don’t get me wrong, I’m all for anything gay, but I find Yuri more attractive to me I guess you could say lol

My bio is a mess? Says the one who can’t even spell updated properly and dislikes lying but lies about their ‘talents’. And no thanks, I don’t want to look your face, I’d rather be blind. And no, I do not take kindly to others insulting my friends, so I will not ‘get off your case’ or ‘sthu’. Besides, since you told me to now, it just makes me want to less. Also, I’m not looking for ‘respect’, I could give no craps if I had your pathetic ‘respect’ or not. If you have a problem with me, you can comment any time honey.

Soooo, if I am what I say, does that mean I am at least half of the English language? And it’s you are what you eat, not you say what you are, that literally makes no sense, so please do not infect everyone with your idiocy, because everyone knows you have enough of it to go around.

I don’t hate you, I just don’t particularly like your existence or face in the slightest

Creepypasta is like, my life in a nutshell, I’ve watched nearly every Mrcreepypasta video and joined the Amino and groups, and I’ve memorized my favourite characters backstories which includes: Jeff The Killer, Jane The Killer, Nina The Killer, Eyeless Jack, Laughing Jack, Sally, and thats all I can think of rn lmao


Aries ♈️
https://pin.it/onnc2uycjtzhrr <<< pretty much

Current Obsession: Cuphead

fabulous AF *fabulous hair flip*

Pewdiepie is my idol, I look up to him so much :000

I hate living tbh <.<

I get angry easily lol \(0-0)/

I can and will hold a grudge until I die

MEnTallAy UNStaBle

I'm really socially awkward so sorry if I sound like an idiot lol

Do you remember when I asked for your opinion? Me neither.

Shoutout to people who hate me, get in line honey. I find it extremely hilarious when they think I'm hurt by them and what they do, but I honestly could not give a sh*t lmao. If I'm crying about what you said, it's because it's so pathetic it's funny, and I'm crying from laughing way too hard at your attempts. Oh, and don't you worry, I hate you too. ❤️💋🔪


🏳️‍🌈Pansexual💗💛💙 if you don't know what dis is, search it up you prICK

Call meh Pumpkin

Fan ma beautiful girlfriend Blueberry.milkshake or I'll slap you bish
Fan ma bff Skye teh Zora
Literally best person on sc RoseGold333 FAN HERRRR

Talent: Fangirling

Me at the peeps I hate

Where to find me:
Deviantart: iPumpkinPie
Quidd: iPumpkinPie
Wattpad: iPumpkinPie
Instagram: ipumpkinpie.le.artist

Creepypasta (*screeches* I luv CP so much :D)
Wings of fire
Rick and Morty
Steven Universe
Stranger Things
Gravity Falls (I haven't watched every episode tho lmao)
The Evil Within 1 & 2 (I like to call Sebastian Sebway :>)
The Future Diary
Yandere Simulator
Uncharted 1, 2, 3, & 4
The Outsiders
Fran Bow
Sally Face
Legend of Zelda...? I’m not all that into this fandom, but I slightly like it for the sake of the one character I actually like lol

Favourite Characters:
❤️Bill Cipher
🧡Jeff the Killer
💚Purple Guy
💙Stefano Valentini
🧡Lapis Lazuli
💛W.D. Gaster
💜Handsome Jack (admit it, the game’s not wrong)
❤️Baroness Von Bon Bon
🧡Beppi The Clown
💛King Dice
💚The Devil (from Cuphead you weirdos)
💙Yuno Gasai
💜The Joker (I’m pretty sure he’s my spirit animal)

My favourite OCs: 🔴 Female 🔵 Male ⚪️ Both ⚫️ Neither 🔘 Unknown 🐶 Animal 👱‍♀️ Human ❓Creature 🤖 Animatronic 💀 Undead
- Larry 🔵❓
- Gary 🔵❓
- Vanessa 🔴👱‍♀️❓
- Blaze 🔴🤖💀
- Drawkill 🔴🤖💀
- Limbo 🔴❓
- Striker 🔴🐶❓

My Ships ;3
Bonnica - Bonnie x Chica (OTP)💜💛
Frexy - Freddy x Foxy (OTP)❤️🧡
Goldentrap - Golden Freddy x Springtrap (OTP)💛💛
ToyManglica - Mangle x Toy Chica (OTP)💛💗
Manglica - Mangle x Chica💛💗
Chica x Toy Chica💛💛 (this ship is so underrated :()
Toy Fronnie - Toy Freddy x Toy Bonnie (OTP)💙🧡
Funtime Frexy - Funtime Freddy x Funtime Foxy (OTP)💗💜
Shadow Fronnie - Shadow Freddy x Shadow Bonnie🖤🖤
Bonbonet- Bonbon x Bonnet💙💗
Babllora - Baby x Ballora❤️💙
Gravity Falls:
Mabcifia - Pacifica x Mabel💛❤️
Dipdy - Dipper x Wendy🧡💙
Steven Universe:
Rubire - Sapphire x Ruby❤️💙
Amidot - Amythest x Peridot 💜💚
Future Diary:
Yuko - Yuno x Yuki🧡💗
Borice - Boris x Alice🖤🖤
Legend of Zelda:
Bink - Ben x Link💛💚
Blangel - Blaire x Angel (My OCs)💗💗
Sugaze - Blaze x Sugar (My OCs)💗❤️
Averly - Avery x Carly (My OCs)🧡❤️
Barget - Bay x Arget (My OCs)🖤🖤
Cynthonnie - Cynthia x Bonnie (My OCs)💛💙
Nicordan - Nicole x Jordan (My OCs)🖤🖤
Jesackie - Jesse x Jackie (My OCs)🖤🖤
Jina The Killer - Jane The Killer x Nina The Killer (OTP)🖤💜 (this ship is also really underrated :()
Laughing Killer - Jeff The Killer x Laughing Jack🖤🖤
Undylphs - Undyne x Alyphs 💙💛
Asrik - Asriel x Frisk 💗❤️
Charisk - Chara x Frisk 💚❤️
Sansby - Sans x Grillby 💙🧡
Peaisy - Peach x Daisy💗🧡
Zelina - Zelda x Rosalina💜💙

Favourite Quotes:
- Eat my shorts! - Bart Simpson
- Inhale my dong enragement child - Freddy
- Remember drugs, do your vegetables and eat your kids! - Someone on GD
- Don't do kids! - Me trying to say don't do drugs
- Why go to bed early when you can stay up until 2:00 am then get up for school at 7:00 am and complain about how tired you are? - Me
- I need a nap - Me every second
- Stay silver Horsekid - My girlfriend (I choked on my toothpaste when she said that lmao)
- I may look happy, but honestly dear, the only way I’ll really smile is if you cut me ear to ear
- It’s hard to wake up from a nightmare when you’re not asleep
- I just flicked a piece of rice into the abyss - My girlfriend lol
- Father I crave cheddar! - My friend
- I tried. I just couldn’t.

My Dislikes >:(
-The Foxy and Mangle ship
-People doing stupid ships in general (like Dipper x Mabel)
-People saying suicide is stupid or selfish
-When people get annoyed when others hate life, like, it's our own opinion, and besides, we just die anyway
-Most people that I know irl
-School (bleh, people there are trash)
-One Direction
-Justin Bieber
-Positivity/Positive Adittude
-People throwing around their opinion that was unwanted and unasked for
-When people enter a sketch to a compo or challenge that has literally NO relation to the compo or challenge
-The Jeff and Jane ship, Jane is a married lesbian y'all 😂
-When people use the mirror effect for every drawing, like try doing something else for once with more effort
-When people lie about having mental illnesses, or don't take mental illnesses seriously, or underestimate how bad mental illnesses can be
-People practically begging for attention by uploading stuff like ‘please pity me I feel slightly sad today but I’m going to call it depression so give me attention’.
-People getting triggered over random sentences in different languages, like boi it’s just another language and a sentence, calm yo face, and yeah I may not speak all those languages, but that doesn’t mean I can’t write sentences in them ya peasant
-People trying to brag about their non existent ‘talent’
-That it seems the only sketches that SC features are photorealism, and even lots of the other members only really feature photorealism, like, just because it looks realistic doesn’t mean it’s the only sketches that deserve being featured
-When people hate on fan girls, I mean ya some are cringy and freaking weird, but most of us are just passionate about our love for a ship or character, you shouldn’t bash someone for love.
-People trying to tell me how I feel

Currently accepting / taking:
Requests❌ (Only if I upload something saying I'm taking requests!)
Art trades✅ (Ya, always, just message me if you want to do an art trade)
Co-op✅ (Again, ya, and just message me if you want to do one, or I might upload a co - op)
Fan Art✅ (I'd be flattered that anyone likes my trash lmao)

I have a 2DS that occasionally I'll play on, mostly Tomodachi Life, but if you wanna add me as a friend on it, my friend code is: 2724 - 1874 - 4983

First fan (((((:

Goals That Will Probably Never Happen:
10 Fans✅ :0
20 Fans✅ Wait, my art isn't complete trash?
30 Fans✅ Yooooooo
40 Fans✅ People??? Like??? My???? Trash???
50 Fans✅ Thank chu all :,)
60 Fans✅ Yay :33333333
70 Fans✅ *inhale* THANK YOU!!!!
80 Fans✅ *screeches* oof HOw?
90 Fans✅ omG THANKS YALL
100 Fans❌ (Face reveal?)
First Feature❌ (Okay this is going from ‘I haven’t got a feature, oh well, I will one day’ to ‘I have sold my soul to Satan, put blood, tears, and sweat into my art yet Sketch Club senpai still fails to notice me’.)

if you want to know all my OC's names or something >>>

Things I’ve Done Project >>> http://app.sketchclub.com/sketch/4786836927676416

Thanks RoseGold333 for always leaving such nice comments :,)))))

( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

I dunno what else to say so ya

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