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Female from Canada born on April 15th member since July 26, 2017 176 sketches uploaded 59 fans  
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Weird 13 girl child who is crap at life and everything

Art, creepypasta and fnaf is lifu ;3;


fabulous AF *fabulous hair flip*

I hate living tbh <.<

I get angry easily lol \(0-0)/

I can and will hold a grudge until I die

MEnTallAy UNStaBle

I find it extremely adorable when Garnet gets excited over a new fusion


Biromantic Lesbian if you don't know what dis is, search it up you prICK

Call meh Pumpkin

Fan ma beautiful girlfriend Blueberry.milkshake or I'll slap you bish
Fan ma bff Iris & Skye

Creepypasta (*screeches* I luv CP so much :D)
Wings of fire
Rick and Morty
Steven Universe
Stranger Things
Gravity Falls (I haven't watched every episode tho lmao)
The Evil Within 1 & 2 (I like to call Sebastian Sebway :>)

Favourite Characters:
Bill Cipher
Jeff the Killer
Purple Guy
Stefano Valentini
Lapis Lazuli
W.D. Gaster

My Ships ;3
Bonnica - Bonnie x Chica (OTP)
Frexy - Freddy x Foxy
Manglica - Mangle x Toy Chica (OTP)
Funtime Frexy - Funtime Freddy x Funtime Foxy
Shadow Fronnie - Shadow Freddy x Shadow Bonnie
Bonbon x Bonnet
Baby x Ennard
Pacifica x Mabel
Dipper x Wendy
Sapphire x Ruby

If you ship Foxy and Mangle I will kill you cause they are siblings and that would be incest

Favourite Quotes:
Eat my shorts! - Bart Simpson
Inhale my dong enragement child - Freddy
Remember drugs, do your vegetables and eat your kids! - Someone on GD
Don't do kids! - Me trying to say don't do drugs

My Dislikes >:(
The Foxy and Mangle ship
People doing stupid ships in general (like Dipper x Mabel)
People saying suicide is stupid or selfish
When people get annoyed when others hate life, like, it's our own opinion, and besides, we just die anyway
Most people that I know irl
School (bleh, people there are trash)
One Direction
Justin Bieber
Positivity/Positive Adittude
People throwing around their opinion that was unwanted and unasked for

Day Dreamer

Currently accepting / taking:
Requests❌ (Only if I upload something saying I'm taking requests!)
Art trades✅ (Ya, always, just message me if you want to do an art trade)
Co-op✅ (Again, ya, and just message me if you want to do one, or I might upload a co - op)
Fan Art✅ (I'd be flattered that anyone likes my trash lmao)

Other social medias (I don't upload much on these :p)
Deviantart: iPumpkinPie
Instagram: ipumpkinpie.art

I have a 2DS that occasionally I'll play on, mostly Tomodachi Life, but if you wanna add me as a friend on it, my friend code is: 2724 - 1874 - 4983

First fan (((((:

Goals That Will Probably Never Happen:
10 Fans✅ :0
20 Fans✅ Wait, my art isn't complete trash?
30 Fans✅ Yooooooo
40 Fans✅ People??? Like??? My???? Trash???
50 Fans✅ Thank chu all :,)
60 Fans❌
70 Fans❌
80 Fans❌
90 Fans❌
100 Fans❌ (Face reveal?)
First Feature❌ (this will forever be a ❌)

I was gonna put all my OCs and a few of their details on here, but then I remembered I have 42 ;-;

Thanks RoseGold333 for always leaving such nice comments :,)))))

( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

I dunno what else to say so ya

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