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💛you are entering the world of Starrie 💛

Current Status: "Do you feel the same way?"

I'm in the Mario, Splatoon, Baldi's Basics, Sailor Moon, ABBA, The Sims, Electric Blue and My Little Pony fandoms, and I'm also a Mamma Mia! (musical) and Super Smash Bros fan!

mamma mia!= current obsession.

Facts about your admin

Penname: "you may call me Glitter, Starrie or Star."

Age: "a teenager"

Gender: "smol feminine bean"

Sexuality / Romantic Alignment : "..." (I'm letting ma heart decide)

My Quotes:
"You're an angry Donna Sheridan"
"I'm a marshmallow WHEEE"
"Wii Fit is for edgelords"
"I'm playing it for the cringe ONLY"
"I think I need to give it a round of the cleaning disk"
"I'm not Chibi Moon, I'm Sailor Uranus!"

Other facts

-One of my biases has been dead since 1997 (he didn't die of natural causes)

-I have three (!) biases. 80s Iva Davies (Owie knows what I'm talking bout), Jimin, and Michael Hutchence.

- Michael Hutchence was my bias who died in 1997.

-Michael Hutchence WAS the frontman of INXS

-I'm in the INXS, Icehouse, Electric Blue, Splatoon, Super Mario, The Sims and Smash Bros fandoms.

-I'm reading the Fullmetal Alchemist manga


I'm one of the weird teens that's 13 but belongs in the 80s because of how much the styles of that time had influenced me.

Hate mullets, I hate you? No way, lol!

Requests are now open! Want to request something? Drop me a PM/ comment and I will get to you straightaway!

I take requests, art trades, and design trades!

I'm on Wattpad as "NintendoStarrie" and Deviantart as StarrieGal!
im trying to get it right
Pudding http://app.sketchclub.com/sketch/10970223
Candy http://app.sketchclub.com/sketch/10968668
Koko (Angel Crystal ) http://app.sketchclub.com/sketch/10967527
Radia http://app.sketchclub.com/sketch/10964495
Aster http://app.sketchclub.com/sketch/10959832
Ocean http://app.sketchclub.com/sketch/10957490
💜💜💜💜FAN GOALS💜💜💜💜
5 fans ✅oh! five people like meh old cringe
10 fans✅yayyyyy!! 10 fans woo woo! (im sorry i watch too much Clare Siobhan)
20 fans✅t w e n t y fanssss!
25 fans✅I won't promise anything I can't do but this is beautiful
30 fans✅thankies beanaroonis!!
40 fans✅ wowie you guys must like my art?? much appreciated for hitting this mark
50 fans❌if i get this far I'll play more sims 4 and attempt to draw my sims (i don't got custom content just warning you guys )
100 fans❌ wow. if i actually get here i will be pretty surprised.

Please credit me for my OCs if you use them! Thanks!

Friends In RL
*•» S 🅰️ L T Y«•*
🎨 DashyDaArtist 🖌
Sc Friends
Acetate Corruption

Gyahh TvT you r e a d dis farrr?? well i'll share a secret wit chu...

Okie dokie, dats outta de wayy sooo...you may lev meh profile. Tis still smol.

Wowsie, you aren't leving? I gave you permission to lev!

Lev now. You had meh permission. Now LEV!

Okie, you don't wanna lev???

Seriously, wat more do ya expect??

FINE: I like Sims 4. i also don't compare it to Sims 3 lots sooo...

Lev pls TvT :v

Okie dokie let me add zum more stuffs here.

"Welcome to Baldi's Basics in Education and Learningggg! Vats me!"

"Hai! welcome to mah schoooool hooooouse!"

"I wanna playyy with someone!"

I'm done ig. Bye

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