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Amazing quotes

“You’re a miserable creature.”

—Brother 2k17

”Who’s leaving all these muddy foofprints?” —Classmate

”I washed my teeth.” —Arevix

”i eat water” —edved

”I’m drowning in blanket.” -Arevix


Hi, I’m ✧✧Arevix. ✧✧

Otherwise known as✧✧ Spottedripple✧✧ (I’ll change the name sooner or later when I get an idea)


I like Warrior Cats.


I like sarcasm and make jokes all the time.

I started drawing when I was around 3 or 4. At that time, I thought I was pretty good. Although the drawings are, meh. I dunno why but way younger me drew hands like flowers! AND I NEVER CARED HOW MANY FINGERS THERE WERE. There would be like, 8 fingers on one “hand” and 12 on the other. I started growing up. I became better. Oh, and when I started watching speedpaints, I decided not to draw stick men since the people I watched didn’t draw bodies as thin as sticks. So I got into drawing rectangular and triangular bodies. I soon got away from that in mid-Kindergarten and tried doing regular bodies. Although, they were so skinny! Also my heads were CIRCLES. My drawings got a little better in first grade but still seemed the same. For some reason, in kindergarten and first grade, I drew stick men in school because I “didn’t want to seem weird.” What? Everyone drew bad so I pretended to draw bad as well. Then I actually starting drawing like how I actually did. I then got into the anime style. I’m trying not to use the anime/manga style very much anymore since I wanna draw a little more realistically.

“How do you draw so good?”
Well, I just did so because I’ve been doing it for so long. I watch people draw and that’s mostly where I got my “training” from. I look at pictures other people draw and try to use their techniques I see from the picture itself. I never really watch tutorials. The only 3 I remember watching were, how to draw braids, folds and wrinkles, and shading (I think I learned how to do quick gradients by the shading tutorial). Although I probably saw more tutorials on how to draw, those are the three I remember watching.


My favorite songs (no order):

Dirty Paws- Of Monsters and Men

King and Lionheart- Of Monsters and Men

Here Before- Vashti Bunyan

If I Were- Vashti Bunyan

Train Song- Vashti Bunyan

Somewhere Only We Know- Lily Allen


I stream often.

I like to write. Though, I’m not the best at it.


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