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First and foremost: I am a Believer in Jesus Christ as my LORD and Savior. Nothing matters to me more. NOTHING!

I'm easy going and laid back (Now). I use to be pretty intense. No shenanigans and no time for games nor art. Give me a mission and get the hell out of my way. Driven, focused and an absolute perfectionist. (Makes drawing VERY difficult for me, being so perfect oriented)

I'm always early. If your on time your late. My word is my bond. If I say it so shall it be. No matter what it is. If I make a promise it is kept at all costs!

I'm a man of my word, if you aren't don't bother! Your word is your bond. Hold it close and ALWAYS do as you say. Never compromise and never EVER Give Up!

Actual Bio:

36 y/o Disabled/Retired US Navy Veteran.

(USN Cop, Anti-Terrorism/Force Protection Ofcr.) (F.A.S.T.) Team, Master-at-Arms

Small Arms & Weapons/Hand-2-Hand/Lethal & Non-Lethal Instructor.

Suffer from:

IBS, Diverticulitis, P.T.S.D, Anxiety (Social), Depression and Panic Attacks etc... ALL from Iraq & Afghan Wars, 9/11 etc...

Was in Virgina Beach, VA at my house asleep at 8:45am on 9/11. Wife ran into the room. Woke me up and said "Chief" was on the phone. He needs you NOW! I took the call and went to work. Was in Downtown New York City As the buildings collapsed. The same day! Got a call for deployment, went to NAS Oceana. Caught a Helicopter and the rest is history.

They left the back gate of the Helo open the whole way it was nuts. My first time doing that. Until "we" saw the buildings smoking. Then it got serious. When those buildings collapsed I called my wife and told her I'm alright and I loved her and explained this means I won't be home for awile.

This was my "First" Terrorism Deployment. 3 days after the buildings collapsed we left New York for the Middle East. The rest they say is history. But to me it is present. I dream about my past transgressions and things I've done when I dream EVERY night. So I don't believe the past is the past for soldiers. Might be for everyone else. Not for US!

Art History: NONE, I can't draw very well or paint compared to 99.9% of you guys on here. But trying to eases my depression and helps me focus on something different. I love art especially iPad art/digital art just ain't very good at it. But have fun trying!

Art is like music for me. I escape myself and it brings me temporary peace and great joy so I do it daily. I usually delete my pictures once done. I've probably made over a thousand. Decided past few days to post them and see what happens!

How bad could the comments be? Guess we will find out!

Twitter: jon.moorehouse
Facebook: Jon Moorehouse

*I also have been away from SC for awhile, found something I have been wanting to do come to pass*

I know Stream on Twitch you can find me here:

Adrenalin850 is the channel, come by and give me a follow there also!

Goals on Sketchclub: I hope to do a few co-ops with anyone since they know more than me. I'm really not very good but I do enjoy art and drawing with others via online since I don't have to go out locally and do it.

If your interested in showing me some tutorials or drawing with me please send me a message or just ask. I really would enjoy it!


My better half. Picture of my wife taken by me to show on my home page for those who are fans of mine.


Enjoy.... Just not to much!

PS: My 16 year old Daughter joined SC, She is Jun-hoe

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