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Adam teaches high school engineering classes to very gifted students with an emphasis on the design aspects of engineering. He is an avid art enthusiast, the main artist on this account, and is married to an artist and graphic designer (by degree and trade), Erin.

Erin spends her time working from home and volunteering at Adam's school with teens and their families. She is the true artist in the family and has an extensive background and education in visual arts.

The two of them spend a lot of their free time creating/seeking new pieces of art and discussing the ramifications of mixing art, engineering/technology, math, and science together. They are fans of all types of art but Adam has a propensity for dabbling in digital media, marker and pencil drawings of varying styles, along with model making and 3D rendering. Erin is old school. She enjoys painting, mixed media, general graphic design genres, and shys away from sculpture.

Both are former ballet dancers and love the performing arts just as much as the visual arts. They thoroughly enjoy working with their hands and remodeling their home. They love their pets and creating cat tees for their feline friends.

They share this account on an iPad, but Adam also uses his iPhone to create some of this work. Adam does most of the sketching and finalizing of the work in SC because Erin likes to work with paper and canvas and is still breaking into digital art.

She mostly looks over work with Adam - helping him by critiquing it. Erin provides her opinions of members' pieces, helps Adam vote on compos, comments about pieces they like, and in general supports the forward movement of this community.

We hope you enjoy our work!

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