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(19) May 30, 2017... Seventh Anniversary of my LIVER TRANSPLANT. I cherish this day since not only did it change my life, but it eventually caused me to JOIN this unique Artists club called:
It's been a wonderful 7 years. Hello Dear Friends! (18)December 17, 2016... It's amazing how time can go so fly, yet some days drag on forever...
Today I want to give THANKS to Sketch Club and my many many talented, loving, funny and socially gifted fellow ARTISTS I have grown to know and LOVE SINCE 2010/2011 when I first started here. LIVER TRANSPLANT SURGERY brought me to this club and has become my joy and inspiration which led to an AMAZING WORLD of SELLING ART, Doing ART Exhibitions, JURIED SHOWS.
Through all this I have met my newest and Greatest friends. So much POSITIVE HAS COME FROM EXPRESSION THROUGH MY ART!
Thank you all for helping to save my life.
Love and Joy
(17)June 2015. May 30, 2015 was the FIFTH YEAR ANNIVERSARRY of my LIVER TRANSPLANT! Reaching the fifth year with literally no significant set backs thus The Doctors tell me that I have finally recovered. Once again I must mention that a significant part of my great recovery was due to the fact that I discovered SKETCH CLUB and found a place to enter and enjoy creating and having many new friends comment on my work! What a grand discovery it was for me post-op I was relegated to sitting or laying down for most of everyday. I was able to walk but very little and no stairs. Well my ventures into this GREAT CLUB was so well received and I found many great talented people who are kind and fun and engaging and make dear friends.i owe my sanity to SKETCH CLUB and I am so pleased to be a member of this fine establishment. BRAVO BLACKPAWN... BRAVO !
(16)August 10, 2014 Finally recovered from my latest surgery, HERNIA REPAIR,they went in to repair 1 hernia left over from my initial surgery four years ago but found four other smaller HERNIAS and the pain was incredible. If I had not been in good shape from lots of dancing I think the pain would have killed me! ANYWAY , MY ART EXHIBIT has been a success ! Now in its second month, of 40 pieces displayed 13 have sold. Another reception is this week on August 14, 2014, I'll give the final tally in September. THANK YOU SKETCH CLUB for giving me an outlet for mental and financial health ! (15) April 1, 2014 and I'm closing in on my four year Anniversarry next month. Oddly enough I'll be back in Indianapolis in May for a small follow up surgery, oddly enough scheduled for May 30, the exact date of my life saving Liver Transplant four years ago. The upside is lots of Sketch Club work will be done because the downside is WEEKS of recovery. It will give me time to touch up/finish off my SC ART for my first ART SHOW in July and August of this year. EXCITING STUFF! (14) June 4, 2013, I've just past my third year Anniversarry of my Liver Transplant. I feel better than I have in many years. Sketch Club has been pivotal in myy recovery as an outlet for my ART and for support from my friends. (13a) 2013, this year I will celebrate my third year of recovery after my Liver Transplant. I still can't believe I live because someone had the foresight to see his donated organs might save someone's life one day. It saved mine... May 30, 2013 will be three years.(13)October 31, 2012 two and one half year post surgery and I'm feeling FINE. Did my second Liver Walk this summer. Hurricane Sandy causes disaster here in Connecticut. I'm in thirteenth place, my lucky number. (12) today, May 30, 2012 is the SECOND ANNIVERSARRY of my Liver Transplant. I am healthy and doing well....... It seems like a dream until I look at my SCAR. (11) 3-13-12 heading towards two year anniversary of my LIVER TRANSPLANT may 30, 2010- feeling pretty damn good. This CLUB means a great deal to me. Carla and I are thoroughly entertained! (10)FINALLY, updated my Sketch Club membership. It took three hours...I'm so proud
(9) 12/08/11. Sketch club has become a huge part of my life. More so than probably necessary as my wife CARLA would attest, but since I am on my 2nd year of a five year recovery period SC has become my companion. A better friend one would be hard tested to beat. ( 8) 10/07/11 i'd like tothank all members of this fantastic club for giving me an outlet for my ART, and for treating me so kindly.1(7)9/11/11 recently had a bad day. I was experiencing head rushes every time I stood up. This lead to a 65/30 blood pressure rate,( I give these details so I will remember), and my kidneys were shutting down. I got to ride in a life star helicopter and spent the next two days in ICU. Can't get me down though...while all this was going on I got into a comical mood, asking life star "if there was an inflight movie?" . Long long story short, I left the hospital four days later with perfect kidneys and normal (high) blood pressure.
What an experience... I AM RESILIENT MAN. No simple infection is going to get me! So remember kids ... Clean and bandage all cuts, no matter how insignificant they seem.
Back to Indy in October (6)back and forth to Indianapolis, making sure my LIVER is properly tuned up. (5)An AMAZING run by the UConn Huskies Mens Basketball team, finishing the year off by winning their last eleven games taking the BigEast Championship, and continuing on to take the National Championship! goe Huskies, GoKemba Walker(4)UConn basketball ...FINAL FOUR! An ARTIST and a Sports Fan. (3)Caught up in College Basketball. I live with my wife, Carla, in Connecticut. My son, Michael, is a UConn Graduate and we are diehard UConn Huskie basketball fans (soccer, football, golf too)
(2)Just returned from another trip to my Specialist at IU Hospital in Indianapolis. I enjoyed two procedures in two days and feel fine while awaiting my biopsy results. I'll let you all know if it's good. I appreciate this fine group of Artists, and their ART.

(1) Recently survived life saving and life changing surgery, everything has meaning now.

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