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I'm a Baby Boomer. A mom. I teach yoga and exercise classes for the senior adult. Long walks with the dog. A husband two grown sons. And the dog! The place is a wreck. My tombstone will not read, "She kept a clean house."

I'm one of the few people here on Sketch Club who actually just, well, sketches. I love to draw! I consider myself a journeyman draftsman with occasional flashes of brilliance. In particular, I deeply love to draw the human body. I go to life drawing at least once a week, and I wish I went more. Unfortunately, most of the studios allow oils, solvents, etc., and I have asthma. That's why I run one studio a week that is "chem-free." Alas, in our American culture -- both hyper-sexualized and puritanical, all at the same time -- the artistic study of the nude is still somewhat shocking. America is the place where you will hear a parent say, "I let my child see THAT R-rated movie, because it was only rated R for violence." And, no one says, "You are crazy!!!!"

And, this is like spitting in the wind, but, here is the disclaimer:

"Any and all artwork or submissions on this page are the exclusive property of the artist & are protected by United States and International Copyright laws. You may not download from this website any images/graphics without prior written consent from Laura Grimes. Any unauthorized use, including the reproduction, modification, distribution, transmission, re-publication or display of any or all artwork and/or graphic imagery found on this page is strictly prohibited and will be prosecuted to the full extent of the law. If seen on a Master Page within this site, all the afore stated terms and laws protect that said art."

Some of my figure sketches get flagged for nudity. If you wish to see all the pieces I post from my life drawing sessions, you will need to go to your profile, click on "Edit your profile info." Scroll down to Preferences. Check "Show all sketches." Sometimes, I will go ahead and mark one of my life drawings "Mature" myself, when it is one that I know some parents would object to. Unfortunately, when I do, most of the SC Community never sees that particular sketch. Quite a few of my figure drawings don't even make it into the feed of people who have fanned me. You can also visit the Figure Drawing Group page to see the works marked Mature: http://app.sketchclub.com/group/figure-drawing

Portrait of Lena by Laura Grimes 1   9   6 March 23, 2017
Young a Pastor Gabe: 26 minutes by Laura Grimes 14   8 March 20, 2017
At the coffee shop in Alpine, TX by Laura Grimes 15   8 March 18, 2017
Büşra Nur by Laura Grimes 3   31   35 March 17, 2017
3 minutes by Laura Grimes 8   3 March 15, 2017
AIN NADH by Laura Grimes 13   8 March 15, 2017
The Speaker by Laura Grimes 13   8 March 13, 2017
Sitting by Laura Grimes 15   7 March 13, 2017
Photograph at art reception by Laura Grimes 1   21   22 March 11, 2017
Taylor and Adam by Laura Grimes 13   9 March 9, 2017

The Pier by Laura Grimes 24   249   138 Jan. 8, 2013
My Mother, age 18 by Laura Grimes 40   211   121 May 11, 2013
MONA MOG by Laura Grimes 22   167   101 June 20, 2013
WILL YOU STILL NEED ME? by Laura Grimes 29   142   109 Feb. 6, 2014
A Year at the Coffee Shop by Laura Grimes 37   121   113 Dec. 28, 2015
EYE OF AN ADVENTUROUS GENTLEMAN by Laura Grimes 16   157   112 Feb. 26, 2014
ERIN, LOST IN THOUGHT by Laura Grimes 19   136   90 March 24, 2014
"Just Ten More Minutes" by Laura Grimes 10   145   82 Nov. 22, 2012
The Dream I Dreamt by Laura Grimes 15   131   62 Aug. 13, 2013
Yeleyna (Lena) by Laura Grimes 12   125   75 Feb. 6, 2013

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