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Hi everyone!
In my teens I really aspired to become an artist, but there was also a drama academy in my town. I chose the latter, because it was a bigger personal challenge.
Two years after I started drama school my brother bought a ZX-Spectrum, one of the first home computers. I thought he was nuts. But there was an instant attraction to these machines, when I realized they were not just good for crunching numbers, but you could actually make art with these things. Within two years I learned programming in basic and had written a simple drawing program.
I never became a professional artist.
I never became a brilliant programmer.
I did become a drama teacher, but hardly worked in the field. I became a learning developer for a business consultancy.
But I still love to draw on computers using all the tools that programmers come up with.
Sometimes I use my sketch talent professionally, when I illustrate elearning modules and coarse presentations.
In my spare time I have dabbled with Photoshop and Corel Painter for years. Artrage is my most recent favorite, especially on the PC.
Classic art software tends to grow monstrously large and complex.
What I like most about Sketchclub is that it is simple, straight forward yet it has all the basics.
And it is extremely motivating to have the online community that is so wonderful and generous. I'm totally hooked on browsing through all the art that is put out every day.
What I like most is not just sharing pictures, but actually learning from each other and getting to know the artists behind the work.

I had the honor to teach two classes:

C lemmon by Theo Ybema 4   14   14 June 18, 2017
Veronica by Theo Ybema 2   11   8 June 16, 2017
Just goofing around by Theo Ybema 7   6 April 10, 2016
Color gradients by Theo Ybema 1   16   11 Feb. 10, 2016
Lord Lizzartons Riding Rules by Theo Ybema 28   105   80 Jan. 29, 2016
Beach PaTroll by Theo Ybema 2   39   26 Jan. 23, 2016
Untitled by Theo Ybema 5   35   25 Jan. 21, 2016
Q-Art 2 by Theo Ybema 18   11 April 30, 2015
Q-Art by Theo Ybema 20   10 April 30, 2015
Kabukiboy coop by Theo Ybema 3   46   28 Aug. 16, 2014

Texture and Impasto class sketch result by Theo Ybema 27   171   127 Dec. 15, 2013
Shelter by Theo Ybema 26   164   124 Nov. 16, 2013
Carmen by Theo Ybema 17   138   75 Aug. 19, 2013
Lord Lizzartons Riding Rules by Theo Ybema 28   105   80 Jan. 29, 2016
The Ballet Mistress of Frog Lake by Theo Ybema 16   120   82 March 19, 2013
Stil Life with Game by Theo Ybema 14   117   99 Dec. 29, 2013
Ginger on a Date by Theo Ybema 13   95   73 May 4, 2014
Aphrodite in Chrome by Theo Ybema 8   83   49 July 14, 2013
Mog in Bunny Poppy Wonderland by Theo Ybema 9   64   50 June 23, 2013
Steampunk Asterix by Theo Ybema 4   72   59 Oct. 4, 2012

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