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Imma Anime nerd and I love giraffes. I have always loved drawing since I was little and yeah there ya go.

For my googley eyed persona, a reference:

STORY OF MEWTANT( see picture first before reading then it'll make more sense!)

The scientist let out an evil laugh,"Mwa ha ha ha! It's a success! A great success!"
He stared into five computers all at once.
Across the room from his wall of computers and monitors was a large test tube filled with a green liquid and a strange creature.
This creature was Mewtant, a genetically altered, biological reconstruction of Mew and Mewtwo ( like as if no one has done that before :p).
All was quiet until the quiet was broken by a continuous bleeping from another computer.
The Scientist groaned as he ripped his face from the computer screens to look at the other monitor.
He scooted along on his chair.
It was the Brain Activity Machine(BAM! Ha) and it was warning him of Mewtant extremely active conscious,"Oh no! Not now not after I've got this far!"
He looked up at the test tube.
Mewtant was concealed in a veil of purple aura.
All the monitors began beeping uncontrollably as the room began to shake.

Without warning the test tube exploded sending the scientist back into the wall. The room was shrouded in an imensly thick veil of purple mist.
Floating out of the test tube was the Pokemon, Mewtant.
In Its hands was an enlarged DNA strand.

It's eyes flashed open and it suddenly lashed out at the scientist!

(To be continued!)
Or not depends if I can think of anything.

Don’t feel pressured into reading this crap! I mainly put it up for myself so I have a go to area for characters and info!

A little more information on Erik, Eligos, Percy and Paimon...
Erik: Erik is a ghost who has recently graduated into a poltergeist. He loves to play with his new powers and mess with the people he is assigned to haunt. He's mischievous and fun loving but a little bit head strong and belittles Percy a little too often. He means well though.
He has no prior knowledge of his previous life since he was only eight when he passed.

Eligos: The evil doppelgänger of Erik. He is a demonic entity and takes his time in marking and striking fear into his unfortunate clients. He, by nature, has a sincere hate for Erik and works along side Paimon in the task to rid of them from the living and the dead.

Percy: Percy is quiet, shy and a bit of a downer. He follows submissively behind Erik and normally stays silent. His silence is not aided by the fact that he cannot be heard by living beings. He is not qualified to be a poltergeist and remains as a ghost so he cannot make physical noise unless he speaks through ghost detecting equipment. He can, however, be seen by the living. Other ghosts can hear him because they are on the same spiritual plain. Unlike Erik, he can remember the details of his death and the short past life he had.
He takes Erik's belittling remarks in his stride and remains very loyal to his only friend.

Paimon: The demonic doppelgänger of Percy and the partner in crime of Eligos. Like Percy, Paimon is a ghost and cannot be heard by the living unless through a piece of specialised equipment. He was created for the sole purpose of besting and removing Percy from the dual plains of the living and the dead much like Eligos was for Erik. Paimon was created by the same sorcerer as Eligos. Like Percy, he can spawn balls of light, small phantoms and is visible to the living when he wishes to be so.

The Squad:
These characters had intentionally been designed to be in a comic I keep making reference to. I can't safely say that this comic will ever come to be because I'm terrible for leaving stuff unfinished or planning it out too much that I can no longer be bothered with it. It is a curse. I can't really give much information on them. A) because I haven't got far in the plot. B) If this does come to be, I don't want too many spoilers! What I will give is their inspiration and personalities and maybe some hints into later devised events.

Phil: One of the main protagonists in this plot. She's a human if it is not clear in the drawing. Her main inspiration is myself with a couple of tweets and improvements. Her full name is Phillippa like me. She is a bit of a worrier, an understatement if you ask me, and a realist borderline pessimist but occasionally has optimistic streaks! She's very caught up in her imagination and adventure with the gang fulfils her dream of being important! She has no tragic backstory. So no dead parents, no bullying, no abuse she's just painfully average.
Ref: http://app.sketchclub.com/sketch/10901256

Kryton: Kryton is based off of my own Staffy, Kryton. I added him mainly because I love my baby boy so much! He had to be there as some kind of tribute. He's kind of the mascot of the group. Lazy, greedy and occasionally a bundle of joy but mostly natural gas, he makes the whole group laugh with his silly behaviour and keeps them awake with his abhorrent snoring! He is the terror to Red and Blue whom are cats.

Red: A large, bipedal blue cat. His name comes from me trying to be funny but it kind of backfired because now I muddle up his and Blue's name! His main inspiration was Jake the Dog and Cake the Cat from Adventure Time. He's basically Phil's Jake. He can shapeshift but not stretch his body. The tell tail sign of him when he's shapeshifter is that his base remains the blue colour and maintains his pointed ears. He is the older brother of Blue. His parents were colour blind which I use to explain his bad naming!
Ref: http://app.sketchclub.com/sketch/10901260

Blue: A slightly smaller, bipedal red cat. Again, his name is a backfired comedy pursuit. He was originally made as a space filler in my GCSE artwork but I really liked the idea of Red's younger brother so I fit him into the plot. He can stretch his body but not morph into objects like Jake can into cars or something. Kind of similar to Majin Buu's abilities. He's jovial, funny and has a deep seated fear of dogs so Kryton terrifies him real bad.
Ref: http://app.sketchclub.com/sketch/10901261

Mosubeous: A large, albino, seven tailed wolf. Each tail represents a hundred years of life so seven hundred years old is his age roughly speaking. He is that wise character you kind of need to drive a story filled with silly and stupid characters. He has magical powers too! His main inspiration was the Japanese mythological Kitsune and coupled with Kyuubi from Naruto.

Hunter: A bright bundle of over bearing joy. He's great fun but can become extremely annoying. Being born and raised in woodland, he has no concept of personal space or how creepy it can be to stare someone down whilst talking. He's an acceptional archer and wears and kawaii leaf poncho! His main inspiration was this cool fantasy species I found on Pinterest. I will credit the person when I later find them. He wasn't originally going to be a part but I figured I really liked him and so I changed him slightly and threw him in the plot mixing pot.

Omni: Formally the Omniscient One. He is a bundle of goop and eyeballs. He can shapeshift into animals and other creatures. The only giveaway that it is him is glowing white eyes which are a dead ringer for him. His main build up is this black, viscous substance that can expand and shrink. His main inspiration was that really cool liquid that reacts to a magnet. I'll find that later as well. He has been drawn in some of my other sketches. I will look for those as well. He's generally a troll and loves frustrating people.

Charlie and Chico: They are a twin brother and sister. Chico is the Werewolf Warrior of Windfell. She's very loud and has great hunter and warrior instincts. Everyone is aware that she is a werewolf and she does little to hide the fact. Her twin brother, Charlie, is very different from her. He's quiet and more studious than his sister. He's very tall and very lanky compared to his short and strong sister. He's technically the oldest being a few minutes older at birth. He tends to hide behind Chico's confidence and brawn but those who do manage to get to him find he's a very sweet and intelligent person. He's sort of a scientist though he mainly just conducts experiments in his basement Labratory. Charlie and Chico have a very strong relationship. Chico being very protective of Charlie and Charlie being very reliant on Chico. He secretly is working on a serum to cure her lycanthropy which can make her a bit uncontrollable. They were originally my Dragon Ball Z OCs. I drew Chico (Chicko) and Charlie (Gogetto was his name. Very uncreative) a few times in the past. I was always cautious of publicly presenting them because of them being DBZ based so I changed Chico's name slightly and Charlie's completely and added them to the comic plot as homage to my old OCs. For the record, they were the twin children of Vegetto and Chichi. That being the main reason as to why I was embarrassed about them.

Lord HyperDeath: The general antagonist. He's a demonic creature with the ability to transform into a large bat-winged creature. He's a very sarcastic person which I suppose resembles myself in person. Like normal super villains, he has henchmen and is enslaving the innocent, bar usual. His main inspirations which may be obvious come from my love of Dragon Ball Z, most specifically super saiyans and Gogeta, and my somewhat fascination with Asriel Dremurr (is it spelt wrong?). You may be able to tell by his name Lord HyperDeath and his overall design. That, however, was as far into Undertale I went.
Ref: http://app.sketchclub.com/sketch/10929597

I love writing too much! I hope I haven't given too much away!

I cannot find Hunter's previously inspiring species but to whomever that species was owned by I give credit to the random person I am unable to identify. Sorry!
As for Omni's inspiring material, I have identified it as Ferrofluid. I knew it had something to do with iron. It's really cool and very distracting to watch. Also he features in my Halloween sketch from last year and another one I've forgotten the name of. Oh well
If you wanna see Charlie and Chico and laugh at my old drawings, I will not blame you, they're far back in all my sketches and wear blue and orange in the similar Gi as Vegetto. Don't be too cruel about them, however. I'm a sensitive soul at heart ❤️

This here's my Warrior Cats OC. Hardly original, I know. He's large, deep grey with murky brown paws and inner ears. A near black stripe runs down the back of his head to the middle of his tail. Hence his name: Ashcrow. Abnormally large bottom canines pertrude from his lower lip and his fiery, orange eyes are tinted yellow round his pupils. He's a Maine Coon cat so he is very large and fluffy!
Manipulative and ambitious he strives to rise to the top of his clan and claim his place as leader. However, his deep seated corruption prevents him from climbing any higher. His loyalty to his clan is strong but faltering under his ambitiously dark strides. He'll do what ever it takes to reach his dream.

So some inspiration examples: His name's from the Berserk OST Ash Crow as explained before. He's a lot like Tigerstar I think. I based most of his character off of a mix on Griffith and Guts. He's basically a walking, talking, subtle homage to Berserk. Anyway, he has Griffith's ambition and charm with his deceitful and mysterious undertone. You can never quite predict his intentions. He also has Gut's coldness, love of war I suppose and inner demons. He strives to be good at what he does but in all the wrong ways.

There you have it. More writing to scroll past!

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