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I originally created this profile to find an artist (Kattamah) to do my album cover.... My album has been released now at the iTunes link above! It consists of 9 piano/instrumental tracks that Kattamah's husband collaborated with me on. After a car accident I became interested in drawing and since I bought the app to find an artist I soon became an artist myself.

Some of my drawings have been accepted by my local arts center Shiawassee County Arts Center. It was a privilege to have my art displayed there.

About Me:

I live in Michigan. I’m married and have a stepson named Trevor. I’ve played piano since the age of 12, and have also played violin, clarinet, and oboe as an independent study. I have no formal training in composing music. One day I decided I would see what I could come up with.. I have a professional album called the puzzle piece that was produced in a music studio and mixed and mastered by Sven in Stockholm, Sweden. My childhood mostly consisted of playing piano with many popular music books. It relieved my depression as I have severe bipolar but have it well managed with medication and I love piano and art as therapy. I also like to write poetry and one day I hope to publish a children’s book with art and poetry. I also like birds a lot. I have two wonderful parakeets as pets... I’ve even breeded parakeets as well.




Custom Linux Tux Design by Melodies on the Keys 1   5   3 May 21, 2018
Elf on the Shelf :) by Melodies on the Keys 9   4 May 15, 2018
Squirrel Land by Melodies on the Keys 8   3 May 11, 2018
A Very Cute Garfield by Melodies on the Keys 8   3 May 10, 2018
Rainstorm Hippie Van by Melodies on the Keys 13   4 May 9, 2018
Flamingo Land by Melodies on the Keys 4   10   6 May 3, 2018
Baby Wolf Howling by Melodies on the Keys 8   4 May 3, 2018

Sky of Colors by Melodies on the Keys 10   62   48 Sept. 26, 2015
Co-op Melodies and Mishpot by Melodies on the Keys 6   66   49 June 4, 2014
Peaceful City by Melodies on the Keys 4   64   41 July 6, 2014
Get Well Soon Batman!!!!!!!!! by Melodies on the Keys 5   52   32 Sept. 28, 2013
Photon Kitty Cat by Melodies on the Keys 2   56   24 Sept. 11, 2013
Tropical Sunset by Melodies on the Keys 3   40   27 July 10, 2014
Gothdaddy Morning Coffee by Melodies on the Keys 2   35   15 July 4, 2014
Mountain Landscape by Melodies on the Keys 30   17 Feb. 4, 2014

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