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**pay no attention to when I joined, technically, I wasn't active until last year**
Hello everyone! I'm Ryann or Laviluka and I am an online voice actress and an artist! I've been drawing since 2nd grade and I'm currently in my second year of college

The voice of Chara in Undertale Against Humanity~

Amazing people that I love:
Mr.Genji (Genji has been a really close friend of mine since I rejoined the app and I wouldn't trade our friendship for the world )
Violetcookie (My megaman bro! Their art is beautiful and they're super sweet!)
β˜†Razzβ˜† (Super duper sweet and always super supportive! Very cute art style too!~)
TrashLyd (My very first ever sketch club friend! they've been there for me since I came back to this app and they are still a very close friend of mine! Please check out their amazing work!)
Just_PeachyπŸ‘ ( really supportive and has an amazingly cute art style )
catiiwi (Also been around since I first got back on this app! Their characters are really cute and their style is so lovable!)
aKi (Amazing amazing amazing art and very sweet friend aaaa)
β˜…Mr.Weirdfish_bear (One of the sweetest people ever and her art is so nicely drawn go check her out!)
jamridge (Very sweet and incredible at art! One of my best friends on this app, and irreplaceable β˜†)
_RainingTea_ (They way they paint is so,,,unbelievable. Another one of my best friends on this app who I treasure dearly πŸ’•)

My reference:

My first feature!🌟:

Fan Art for me!!! πŸ˜­πŸ’πŸ’Ž

Currently shipping with:
jamridge - Kishiko and Hotaka

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