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Hello, I am a woman, I am 62 years old.
I joined sketchclub some time ago, discovered digital painting and fell in love with it.

All these great tools, so much fun to play, so easy to draw, no worries about mistakes, no money involved, you can just UNDO !!
What a great invention!!!
I love the community too, very diverse, many great and creative artists.
More about me, happily married, two grown up sons, identical twins, one of them, from birth, very severely handicapped.
Very gratefull, I Iive in the Netherlands where we have good healthcare, no matter what your income is.

I love playing the accordion. Watch me play here

The competition element of sketchclub is something I am not a fan of.
I think in art people should be encouraged to follow their own route, not go for the majority vote.
It makes me sad to see children boast about how many followers they have.

If you must sing than sing, if you desire to paint then paint!
Creativity thrives in freedom.

I do not answer comments or harts much, that does not mean I do not appreciate them, I read all the comments and I am very gratefull for every comment and every hart I receive. I try to thank by commenting sincerely and by giving out any harts I get.

Favourite group:
I do not mind answering questions about how things work here in sketchclub.
For the A home group I made a list of links to tutorials in alphabet order, all short tutorials.
Here is a link
The info is in the description of the sketch.

There are many artists here in sketchclub that I really admire, I can not name them all so I will just give you the names of some of them, in no particular order.
King Raymondo He makes me smile and take life less serious
Baltus He makes my busy mind quiet, a second of calm, wonderfull
MINTS he is one of the best portrait artists
Axe🐸 he is the new Picasso Amazing so much original work.
Dr. G He is one of very few artists that sketch ordinary people, the not so pretty, the not so special and he does this in a way that is absolutely magical, a great artist!
Speaking of painting ordinary people, here is a link to a not so well known dutch artist Marius van Dokkum.
He paints ordinary people, makes me smile.

There are big worldwide problems.
Production continues to rise but wages and jobs do not.
Inequality grows. More production does no longer mean better lives for the people.
We as a species are so very clever. We are so rich now, due to our technology, production has gone up so much and so much is done by machines.
The good news is, we can afford food, shelter and basic healthcare for everyone.
It will give us peace, freedom, progress and wealth.But for that to happen we will have to change the way we think.
We are at a crossroads.
Americans now earn as much as thirty years ago.
People over 55 in the Netherlands have a 3% chance of finding a new job. You can choose to blame the victums, or try to go back to how things were in the past but those things will not work.

You can grab the rightfull worries of the people and steer them in a direction where they will fight and fear and hate one another more.
Or you can embrace the future, rethink how we distribute whealth, stop blaming the victums and fight to give our children a world of peace and hope.

A ray of hope, this is not left or rightwing politics, it is about what works.

dreaming of colors by Zomaar 2   8   7 June 24, 2017
flamingo by Zomaar 15   11 June 24, 2017
portrait practice by Zomaar 3   2 June 23, 2017
bird sktchy ref, sktchy tool by Zomaar 11   7 June 23, 2017
sad by Zomaar 4   16   12 June 22, 2017
two rabbits by Zomaar 5   29   16 June 21, 2017
flower abstract by Zomaar 13   8 June 20, 2017
portrait practice by Zomaar 8   35   30 June 20, 2017
rain by Zomaar 2   20   12 June 19, 2017
fly, sktchy ref by Zomaar 1   15   7 June 19, 2017

cherry blossom tree by Zomaar 20   141   95 Feb. 9, 2015
Another cat by Zomaar 19   108   67 Oct. 29, 2015
Mother and son by Zomaar 8   118   73 July 28, 2014
A wild turkey by Zomaar 6   120   68 Nov. 27, 2014
final sketch by Zomaar 17   98   77 Dec. 2, 2015
Running horse coop with Joygee by Zomaar 12   99   59 Nov. 23, 2014
riding the waves by Zomaar 16   88   76 Oct. 10, 2015
A strange encounter by Zomaar 7   101   62 Nov. 22, 2014
Final sketch by Zomaar 18   73   57 Nov. 12, 2015
Street by Zomaar 11   75   54 March 6, 2015

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