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Hello, I am a woman, I am 62 years old.
I joined sketchclub some time ago, discovered digital painting and liked it very much.

I dislike the focus on competition in sketchclub.
Maybe it is just a cultural difference.
There is no the best this or that, especially not in art.

I do not answer comments or harts much, that does not mean I do not appreciate them, I read all the comments and I am very gratefull for every comment and every hart I receive. I try to thank by commenting sincerely and by giving out any harts I get.

Favourite group:

I do not mind answering questions about how things work here in sketchclub.
For the A home group I made a list of links to tutorials in alphabet order, all short tutorials.
Here is a link
The info is in the description of the sketch.

There are many artists here in sketchclub that I really admire, I can not name them all so I will just give you the names of some of them, in no particular order.
King Raymondo He makes me smile and take life less serious
Baltus He makes my busy mind quiet, a second of calm, wonderfull
Dr. G He is one of very few artists that sketch ordinary people, the not so pretty, the not so special and he does this in a way that is absolutely magical, a great artist!
There are many more artists here that I admire, but then my profile would be very long ;- p

I am on sketchy app too My name there is aike potman
I do not like sketches that are not sketches at all but just messages. I block artists that upload these.

coop with Reggie by Zomaar 4   1 May 20, 2018
deep sea dc by Zomaar 14   6 May 15, 2018
turbulation by Zomaar 2   18   9 May 6, 2018
happiness by Zomaar 1   15   10 May 2, 2018
a happy 🐑 by Zomaar 1   19   11 May 2, 2018
portrait practice, an attempt at watercolor by Zomaar 3   26   15 May 2, 2018
portrait practice sktchy ref by Zomaar 2   18   12 May 1, 2018
portrait with bristle brush by Zomaar 3   19   11 April 30, 2018
portrait practice sktchy ref by Zomaar 1   17   10 April 29, 2018
coop anyone? by Zomaar 22   15 April 25, 2018

cherry blossom tree by Zomaar 21   168   102 Feb. 9, 2015
Another cat by Zomaar 19   137   74 Oct. 29, 2015
A wild turkey by Zomaar 6   137   71 Nov. 27, 2014
Mother and son by Zomaar 8   126   75 July 28, 2014
final sketch by Zomaar 17   107   80 Dec. 2, 2015
riding the waves by Zomaar 17   100   77 Oct. 10, 2015
A strange encounter by Zomaar 8   115   66 Nov. 22, 2014
Running horse coop with Joygee by Zomaar 13   104   59 Nov. 23, 2014
Final sketch by Zomaar 18   79   57 Nov. 12, 2015
Street by Zomaar 11   79   55 March 6, 2015

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