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Hello, I am a woman, I am 62 years old.
I joined sketchclub some time ago and soon became addicted.
So I've deleted the app a couple of times .......and then installed it again, we'll see where it goes I guess. ........
I never did any drawing, more into music, me.
But when I got an I pad I discovered sketch club.
All these great tools, so much fun to play, so easy to draw, no worries about mistakes, you can just UNDO !!
What a great invention!!!
I love the community too, so diverse, so many great and or really original artists.
What more to tell, happily married, two grown up sons, one of them severely disabled. I love playing the accordion. Watch me play here

The competition element of sketchclub is something I am not a fan of.
I think in art people should be encouraged to follow their own route, not go for the majority vote. Who cares how many followers you have. If you must sing than sing, if you desire to paint then paint!
Creativity thrives in freedom.

I do not answer comments or harts much, that does not mean I do not appreciate them, I read all the comments and I am very gratefull for every comment and every hart I receive. I try to thank by commenting sincerely and by giving out any harts I get.

I started a group over a year ago, it's aim was to promote a different way of sharing art, less focused on competition, more on finding your own way with the help of others.
Check it out if you are interested.
I myself am no longer active in the group but it is still there.

There are many artists here in sketchclub that I really admire, I can not name them all so I will just give you the names of some of them, in no particular order.
King Raymondo He makes me smile and take life less serious
Baltus He makes my busy mind quiet, a second of calm, wonderfull
MINTS he is one of the best portrait artists
Axe🐸 he is the new Picasso Amazing so much original work.
Dr. G He is one of very few artists that sketch ordinary people, the not so pretty, the not so special and he does this in a way that is absolutely magical, a great artist!
Speaking of painting ordinary people, here is a link to a not so well known dutch artist Marius van Dokkum.
He paints ordinary people, in a way that makes you smile and love them, so far away from the rhetoric of hate that is more and more common now.

I am passionate about democracy. Equality for the law, independent judges, free press.
We as a species are so clever. There could be food and shelter for everyone but as big companies just go for profit, share holders profit and wages and security for ordinary people suffers as a result.
It is not because there is not enough money or food or whealth. We, as a species have plenty.
We could live in a world with clean air, sustainable energy and basic rights, food and shelter for everyone.
Our technology is so far advanced, we could have this.

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