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Love art and love to paint and draw! I am married, have 3 beautiful kids and I am a Gma of the sweetest little ones but always tell people I am 19 at 💞... Would like to thank everyone who nominated and voted my sketch "Tea Rose Garden", as 🌟"Best Floral Sketch for the year 2014"🌟 at the Annual Sketch Club Awards! Would like to personally thank the owner and Sketch Club Creator, BP, for going a step above and mailing me a beautiful Medal to remember the honor you have all given me! I was truly touched! Thank you BP, Sketch Club is the best Art app ever and thanks again Friends! http://app.sketchclub.com/sketch/10232616

UPDATE: Thank you sweet SC friends for all your kind words. First of all, I miss you all but know you are doing what you all love...sketching! *smile* I am having to adjust to new health concerns but am in good care. I have made it my desire to learn to quilt and then to make a quilt for each of my 8 beautiful grandkids. Mainly because my oldest son has be promoted and is required to move his family to Colorado...so far away from here, Florida. Very sad and I will surely miss the six of them but understand he needs to go and the money is good...still... So I have been working when I can on these awesome quilts and have challenged myself to stay off of all of my favorite places like SC and Facebook, because if I try to do both I will never be able to accomplish my goal and leave something I hope the kids will treasure. As always, I treasure you all and my face lights up when I think of you and your amazing work! Keep it up and hopefully I will be back and joining you soon. Happy Thanksgiving to you all!
******************May, 2018
Thank you for the warm welcome back...
My heart is happy having made all 8 quilts for my grandkids. Their faces would light up as they each opened their quilts for their birthdays and it was so special. I sewed around the clock but in the end I hope it is something they will remember me by and know how much I loved them...a gift from the 💝 Now, I have one more quilt to make as we had a new baby born 6 months ago, little Makenna. 🤗
I developed a fondness for sewing handbags and opened my own little Etsy shop. I hope you will stop by if you get a chance!
For my Sketch Club Friends, here is a 20% off coupon code: HUGSFORYOU

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