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I've been Ryan MoonCat, but I've decided to start using my real first name instead. I have various "identities" on the net but I'd like to bring my SketchClubbing into the realm of my actual real life now. So, pleased to meet you all again.

I am Australian but I live in Japan, where I teach English at several universities. I have two small kids and get inspiration for drawing from the illustrated children's books I read with them.

I'm so grateful for this app, and just love seeing everyone's great drawings and abilities. The community is something really enjoyable to me, as most of my experience on the internet has always been adversarial, heated comments-section discussions (i.e. war) and fiery debates on politics, culture, etc... I'd forgotten that the internet can be a place with friendly communities who enjoy simply sharing an interest that's an end in itself. It's nice that everyone contributes to a friendly place in cyberspace.

I'm a glad patron of this app, and the enjoyment I get out of it daily is far greater than the cost of the app or the patronage. Seriously, there isn't much else on my iPad and iPhone from which I get as much enjoyment.

It's a little old now, but I created an iBook of nonsense poetry and illustrations made entirely on SketchClub. It's free, you can download it here:

I also illustrated my own textbook for my university classes using this great app, but that's only in a printed edition. I mention it to give credit to the app, that would allow a hack like me to be able to put his name after "illustrated by" in a printed volume!

Fat bird by Steve MoonCat 1   8   3 Aug. 17, 2017
Gulp... by Steve MoonCat 3   21   12 Aug. 15, 2017
Candy gore by Steve MoonCat 21   12 Aug. 14, 2017
Pink by Steve MoonCat 16   3 Aug. 13, 2017
Sketchy Pelican by Steve MoonCat 3   20   11 Aug. 12, 2017
Hammer-head-zilla by Steve MoonCat 1   14   5 Aug. 5, 2017
Dinosaur by Steve MoonCat 3   31   13 Aug. 3, 2017
Modern Mickey by Steve MoonCat 16   6 July 27, 2017
Korean DJ by Steve MoonCat 8   0 July 25, 2017

Mantis by Steve MoonCat 9   66   44 Oct. 19, 2016
Double, Double, Toil & Trouble by Steve MoonCat 3   68   29 Oct. 11, 2016
Mountain stairs by Steve MoonCat 9   54   35 June 20, 2017
Walkies by Steve MoonCat 7   50   27 Sept. 2, 2016
Dragon by Steve MoonCat 4   50   27 March 6, 2017
48 microscopic disease organisms by Steve MoonCat 6   41   22 Aug. 5, 2016
Inside the ants' nest by Steve MoonCat 5   39   20 April 17, 2017
The TRUMP-LAUNCHER by Steve MoonCat 8   34   22 May 1, 2017
Serious smoke by Steve MoonCat 3   36   21 Sept. 23, 2016

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