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"Every day's another battle. Don't fight tomorrow's today."

** Current Status: should be doing homework. Always.

Hi, I'm Wildspirit. I'm a fifteen-year-old self-taught artist. A few things about me are:
- I'm a Christian. I'll respect your views and beliefs, please respect mine.
- Animal and nature lover who likes to travel
- I enjoy reading, writing, and (obviously) drawing

Some of my favorite story-writing quotes:
-- "Knowledge is power. Power corrupts. Study hard, be evil."
-- "Fatal flaws gotta be fatal"
-- "Pain is what's in the game."

My Tumblr is Wildspirit-Writes check it out!

I started doing art seriosly as well as digital art 5-6 years ago. Looking back, all of it was horrendous, but the amount I've improved is way more than I could've ever hoped for. So, for all you that feel bad about your art, keep going! You'll get there only if you don't stop.

I'm really into book series and different fandoms such as: Spirit Animals, Harry Potter, Percy Jackson, Wings of Fire, Foxcraft, The Maze Runner, Hamilton (musical). I'm always open for series or show recommendations and will gladly talk to you about anything I've read or seen.

Some of my best sc friends:

👑 ɑԵհҽղɑաօӀƒ 🐾 Queen Athena *sighs* My twin whom, like most siblings, I'm usually "fighting" with. She's great and easy to talk to. We are in like all the same fandoms lol. About as troublesome as Hunter.
❄️EmmyOwl❄️ EM child is all around awesome. She has trouble seeing how talented she is. Also, Julynn.
🦁🎨~BlueAnimastic~🎨🦁 The outstanding Mum that holds us all together. Peacekeeper and very lovable, much like her OCs Jeii and Kuma.
Sage Leppänen super kind and inspiring! We haven't talked much lately but they're definitely worth getting to know.

Some more amazing people I've gotten to know don't have enough space to add descriptions for (obviously, not everyone is here. Please don't take offense if you're not):
🌺 Ness 🌸

I love Sketch Club and am very grateful for all your support, keep up the amazing work everyone!

I hope you're having a great day, and if not, keep your chin up! The future holds brighter times.

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