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Hi Everyone,
I was born and bred here in the South, I'm a true Carolina Girl . . I've always loved art and wanted to attend Art school when I was young but Life and mistakes of youth dictated a different path..but Life is Good, ...I came here from DS2, after seeing someone's post there about SC, so Happy to have found SC!

SketchClub is the Bomb! So are all the Wonderful Artist here, I'm Addicted and find Myself here when I really should be doing other things like laundry (big Yuck!) or all the many , many other chores I neglect .

A little more about me...If you notice my signature it's LLP, my initials . My parents named me ..Loretta Lynne Pressley, ! Try growing up with that name during the time when Loretta Lynn was the Queen of Country and Elvis was the King of Rock N Roll! My parents hadn't heard of Loretta Lynn at the time of my birth , my Dad chose Loretta after the Actress Loretta Young, my Mom added the Lynne and my last name should actually only have one "s" not two. A Teacher my Dad had changed it telling him it was suppose to be spelled Pressley instead of the correct spelling Presley , which is how his Fathers name was spelled. I go by Lori to my family and friends , I also am called Hippie Chick or Hippie or just Hip by most friends.✌️To my Grandson I am Nanu.

✌️Peace.. ❤️Love , and a big 👍Thumbs Up!

Please note , I'm still working on getting My Grateful ThankYou's to everyone correctly, if I miss the Mark Please know that I am Truly Grateful for Your Fanning Me , for Your 👍 , for Your ❤️S and for All the Encouraging and Uplifting Comments, Everyone here is Awesome and so Creative and has made Me feel so Welcomed.✌️❤️

Happy in Pink by HippieChick✌️ 1   9   6 Jan. 5, 2018
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By the Light of the Moon.. by HippieChick✌️ 5   67   42 Nov. 29, 2013

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