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--Used to be DayDreamer, now just dreaming!

UPDATE: So I haven't been on recently (or drawing, the horror😁) but I've been so busy with life, and going to Uni to do BA Hons Drama soon, but I will post soon! Miss ya guys! 😘

All the artwork posted here is mine, although I do use refs, that doesn't mean you can copy or download my art without my express permission. Stealing it is WRONG!!! 👎😠😤😡👿

Omg I won Best Young Artist 2014!!! Oh yay!! I was in the top ten last year!! Congrats eveyone in sc!! 😘😘💓💕

A beautiful sketch of Dreamer http://app.sketchclub.com/sketch/10374461 by the talented Mongo ☺️

My mum (she doesn't post much, but is around): 🌙mööᏁbᎬᎪm🌟

My name is ᒍᗩᔕᗰIᑎE. Call me ᏠᎯℤ.. I believe in fairies, (they're made of Stardust) if you are quiet at night, you may be able to hear them too, shhhh... I'm 20 now...I think I stopped counting at 10, it's all double digits 'till you reach 100. I've only been drawing since I got sc, on May 6th 2011, over four years now... I dream to make acting🎬 and pottery/sculpting🍶 my life...and maybe music🎶🎸🎷🎤...or writing📝... And continue drawing🎨

I absolutely love animals, especially pandas 🐼, and all types of cats, I'm a fan of David Attenborough.
When I have the space and money, I want to get a ragdoll (goes floppy when ya pick em up) Maine coon cat - they can grow up to 4-5 ft long! And they have giant 4ft (approx) English rabbits, so maybe one of them as well! 😍 Or maybe a Dalmatian too...😄

As I'm ill, (have been for 6 or 7 yrs now) I'm almost always at home. When you've got nothing to do but imagine stuff an app like this is the perfect place to be.
The images I see in my head are realistic and goes so quickly, I don't catch them. But someday I will! I chose my username because I like to daydream. 😊 I absolutely love looking at the stars ✨and the night sky🌃 and moon 🌙, night is my favourite time of day. <3

If you want to talk, or message about anything (or need help with sc) then just do so!

Follow the links, and you'll see all my Buffy-related sketches: http://app.sketchclub.com/sketch/42490087

Feel free to friend me on Facebook:

Twitter: StarGazer596 or Jaz Elouise.P

On Deviantart, mainly sc sketches and a few coloured pencil drawings: http://stargazer596.deviantart.com

Oh, and I might be away a bit, I'm doing performing arts/acting at Uni full time, so yeah. I also am quite sleep deprived and still not well, but I'm still around!

If you read all this, thank you. Really. Hope I didn't bore you or anything!

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