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I have only been drawing for MAYBE two years. Started on Draw Something on my Android phone, then IPhone and then Draw Something 2 on a 1st Gen IPad and was so inspired by all the amazing artists there. After the last FORCED update I became unable to draw anything without losing my work and time. Totally disgusted with Zynga and all the bugs, crashes and lost drawings! Hoping to recapture the magic I was inspired there following the amazing artists and art and followed them who have left there and moved here!

I have been honored by TheArtistHutch as the subject for his incredible portrait skills. To view click here http://app.sketchclub.com/sketch/10200870 and you can see his outstanding work at making me look beautiful and visit his equally amazing gallery! Thank you Michael!

9.28.14 Well, I've been a proud member of SC for nearly a year now and can honestly say, SC has changed my life! It has inspired me to grow and improve my art and to finally be comfortable being called an artist, even though I'm still but a fledgling. The warmth and support from my SC family has only enriched my life and inspired me to grow and improve my art. Throughout this last year I can actually see the growth in my own art as well as many others who came here as refugees of Draw Something 2. I was so upset when that app started having so many crashes and glitches but now see that that was truly a blessing in disguise as it lead me here! And the added benefit is the WONDERFUL friendships of like minded creative individuals who strive to lift each other up and encourage each other to grow and reach outside of our comfort zones where someone here once said, "The magic happens!" I LOVE Sketch Club and I love all of you! 😘💕💕 And last but not least in any way, thank you to BP for making this app possible and for all of you lovely helpers along the way. I appreciate you so much for making it "the Happiest Place" for me, well next to my grand daughter and boyfriend. Lol, but right up with my loved ones.😊

Tears For Violet Adams by 🌺Tori 14   64   31 June 23, 2017
Abstract Study by 🌺Tori 1   12   7 Feb. 11, 2017
The Morning the Fog Settled In by 🌺Tori 13   31   25 Feb. 4, 2017
Pressed Flower Bookmark.2 by 🌺Tori 5   16   14 Jan. 9, 2017
"It's a Time and a Season For Loving" by 🌺Tori 33   80   64 Oct. 21, 2016
Beautiful Bird-Lilac Breasted Roller by 🌺Tori 19   50   47 Oct. 4, 2016
Rock On by 🌺Tori 9   27   22 Sept. 16, 2016
Flowers and Frogs "Can you hear me now?" by 🌺Tori 12   32   25 Sept. 11, 2016
WIP Bristle Brush and Vector by 🌺Tori 3   19   13 Sept. 10, 2016
Serene Sunset on McCullem Lake, Michigan by 🌺Tori 24   43   37 July 9, 2016

HOT! by 🌺Tori 12   164   131 Feb. 26, 2014
Through The Woods by 🌺Tori 19   129   94 June 1, 2014
Reflected Aurora by 🌺Tori 25   111   91 Dec. 6, 2014
Mother Earth by 🌺Tori 34   89   84 Feb. 15, 2016
Through The Dew Drop by 🌺Tori 22   99   89 Aug. 30, 2014
"It's a Time and a Season For Loving" by 🌺Tori 33   80   64 Oct. 21, 2016
Space Odyssey by 🌺Tori 20   102   90 Aug. 6, 2014
Sweet Dreams~Bristle Brush and Blur by 🌺Tori 17   102   80 March 20, 2015
Lady In Red by 🌺Tori 7   115   95 March 7, 2014
Hawaiian Sunset by 🌺Tori 20   91   87 Feb. 25, 2015

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