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I heart art.

My name is Ashley, I was born and raised in Texas. Mid twenties, and learning more about life everyday.

I love this community. I am amazed daily/hourly at the talent. I am new to digital art, besides DS2 this is the only digital art I've ever done. Learning as I go and very happy to be. I love so many of the sweet people here! Friendly faces everywhere you turn.

I run off my iPhone and sometimes have barely a bar of signal out here in the sticks, I love to be in streams and chatter but it rarely works right. (Can't wait for wifi to reach me lol)

Random facts that effect my existence

Lost my mom a couple Mother's Day's ago to a short hard battle with cancer, I found this app shortly after and this place has been an amazing distraction. She always told me to cowgirl up so I try to smile and laugh daily thinking of her.
I love books and music almost as much as I love tv and movies. - I'm a quoteaholic.. And a sucker for villains.
I love all life and only kill bugs that strike me first ✌but I still freak out, I mean they are bugs lol
I was born on Friday the 13th. 💀
I have turned my profile into a small diary lol stopping now
Married to the worlds greatest Gemini.. (best two husbands ever!!)

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