This is a character I made! She was originally for he white and black challenge (I will still enter her in it) but I made a whole backstory for her! I'm going to start a new group of characters. She's the first! The group will be of characters that balance something in the world, so there's not to much or to little. Info tiiime:
Name: Cynthia
Age: 100,000
Personality: Calm and focused. She balances the light and dark, the good and bad in the world. She devotes almost all her time to it.
Back story:=20
She didn't always balance all the light and dark in the world. She had a twin, Alina, who balanced the light. Ten thousand years ago, Kuval's kingdom was under attack (he balanced all the wisdom in the world). Alina and Cynthia went to help fight, because they were close to Kuval. Alina was killed saving Kuval and his kingdom. Cynthia began to balance the dark AND the light, and she will never forget Alina.
I hope you like it! Have a great day/night! Buh-bye

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Challenge: Black & White

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